Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You know you're in trouble when...

The person you're talking to at the restaurant hasn't even heard of the item you're allergic to. For the most part Casey and I can eat out anywhere. However if it's a new place we want to try I call ahead to find out if they are aware of what menu items have gluten in them. This was one such experience:

"Thank you for calling 'such and such' how can we help you?" (She's yelling at me and it sounds bumping in the background.)

"Yes I was wondering if you had any items on your menu that are gluten-free?"

........long silence.........

"Ummmmm..... do you mean gelatin?" (Patronizing tone)

"Oh, no it's glluuu-ten. Gluten. Like wheat?"

"Hmm... Yeah I think we have some stuff you can have."

"Well I'm allergic so maybe you could ask someone that would know for sure?"

"Well ::scoffs:: I know we have a lot of pasta dishes."

"Ok, is it gluten-free pasta?"

"it's just regular pasta."

Big sigh... "Ok thanks."


(For those of you who don't know pasta is made from wheat.)


Some people have no tact. For reals.

From Urbandictionary.com
1. tact n.
Tact is the ability to induce change or communicate hurtful information without offending through the use of consideration, compassion, kindness and reason. Tact is a quality to respect, because being an a**hole and acting negatively towards others is 100 times easier than making a positive contribution.

Insert clever comeback title here...

Saddle up ladies and gentlemen for the ever lengthy "comeback" post! The other day someone pointed out that it's almost been a year since I last blogged! Time flies eh?

This year has been a big one for our family. Here's what you've missed:

We got a new dog! Funny story that's worth sharing. Casey and I started talking about growing our little family (nope still no babies. Check back in 10 years...maybe). So I put my name on the list of our local shelter for them to call us when they got a wiener dog in. Just in case. Well I got a call the Thursday before President's Day weekend. They told me they had a black and brown female weiner dog (sound familiar?) and that her picture was online. Casey and I pulled her picture up and she was the spitting image of our little monster!

Now up to this point we had decided that having two dogs would be too much work. Twice the poop to clean up, twice the barking, and twice as many bodies to find someone to watch when we go out of town. So we were just window shopping.

So Monday morning rolls around and we both head to work. Or so I thought... silly me! I get a picture message of him and this dog that says, "This is Alice, she goes by Allie"! Can you believe it? He said she was terrified and was growling and snaping in the corner of her cage but when he went to get her she calmed down and snuggled. How could he resist?

So long story short we got another little monster. And she is awesome!

Next up I graduated. Yep that's right "I'm a big kid now"! I'm a bonified Registered Nurse now. Watch out!

Found out I'm gluten intolerant. That's been quite a change for my baked goods loving, fat face stuffing self.

Casey broke his ankle.

I met my birth mom. Yep that's all you get about that. Ok here's a couple pictures.

That about sums it up for now. Hey I forgot... I like blogging! Maybe I'll have to make this a regular thing again? Yes?