Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wishing for Wit

Sometimes I read other's blogs and think, "they're so witty" and then I start thinking about how lame my blog is. I really really hate the blogs that detail things such as what the writer had for breakfast or how cute their baby's eyes looked today. I also despise self-righteous rants and posts with zero personality. I like to think I try really hard to avoid such things in my postings however I wish that is was a little bit more unique and creative. I get great ideas from other's blogs and then can't use them because that's copying and how lame is that?

In case you were wondering this would be the perfect opportunity for all of you to tell me how great I am and how much you love my posts.

P.S I also hate posts that are trolling for compliments and praise, "geez you're so creative/crafty/spiritual/humble thanks for sharing that neat experience with me" (Thanks Foxy for opening my eyes to the many possibilities of the word "neat". I may be stealing it for a while.)

Dear blogging gods (if you're out there),

Grant me the ability to accept the wicked cool parts of my blog,

The courage to change the lame parts,

And the wisdom to know the difference. Tear.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eye Contact

One of my "Awkward Family Photo" favorites.

Yosemite Sam

Welcome to Logan.

(sorry I couldn't get it to rotate...)

I really hope no one from my ward reads this...

Except you Laura because you'll appreciate this...

This sweet sister is just super festive... Don't worry she also has one of these in red!

If I wasn't so worried that someone might know her I'd tell you her name because it makes it sooo much better!

This dress went to her ankles and had fur around the bottom too. I've seen 3 year olds in the same outfit. I'm a jerk.

When I was a young wart hog!

For Christmas the doctor I work for took everyone to La Caille in Salt Lake for dinner. For those of you unfamiliar with this restaurant it is amazing. It is a french style mansion and is probably the nicest place to eat in Utah. With that being said why was this on the wall in the men's room?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is this kid serious?

So Casey and I have been dying to see a certain bank robber, based on a true story, maybe possibly not rated PG-13 film (so sue me).

We were counting down the days to December 8th when we could finally rent the blu-ray version and enjoy it in the comforts of our own home complete with all you can eat, gain 10 lbs in one night junk food, and our favorite fuzzy movie buddy (the Lu).

The day had finally arrived! Eager and barely able to contain ourselves we jaunted (you like that word?) off to Hollywood Video. We scrambled inside and made a b-line for the Blu-Ray section. It wasn't there! Gasp! It's ok, it's ok! Maybe they had one returned...

Idiot clerk whom I know despise: Nope, not yet.

Casey: Well, have you seen it? Is it any good?

Smart a clerk whom should be fired: Well, (with the "duh" tone to his stupid voice) it's just what happened to him in real life. (Um... that didn't answer our question...)

Me: We don't really know the story but is the movie good? Is it worth buying?

Retard of the year: Well let me tell you what happens-

Me: NO!!!! Don't ruin it for us!

Bozo: Well I was just going to say...

Casey (to the other clerk hoping to shut this guy up): Do you know if the other store has one...

Same dumb kid that can't keep it to himself: I'll just tell you that....

And he proceeds to tell us the ending. Awesome. I was ticked. What a winner. You work at a VIDEO store dumbo! What was he thinking?!

Well I guess I was being punished for my sin. It was a good movie anyways...

Joy to the World! (At others' expense...)

In the spirit of the holidays...

I love to laugh at other awkward and strange people. I don't like to treat this people cruelly, but I do like to chuckle at the silly things people do. That is why this next website is near and dear to my heart and I think you should all set aside sometime to enjoy it...


You will not regret it. Promise.


I love love love this one. It is a recent find from a friend of a friend's blog!


I might remind you that these people are real. And they're out there.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The fine print...

I have noticed, being the savy shopper that I am, that sale tags at the grocery store are not always as they seem.

Case in point...

Wow, maybe with all the money I saved I'll go and get myself something nice. Thanks Macey's!