Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Animals!!!

One of the things I look most forward to is Baby Animal Days! Surprised? Didn't think so! There is an old school farm out here that people visit for like field trips and such. It is run just like in the old days and everybody wears pioneer style clothing. Anyways... every spring they have a festival where you can come a check out all the baby farm animals! It is AWESOME! You can hold them and pet them and love them and squeeze them... (Foxy... Elvira? :) It's pretty funny because mostly it's just parents bringing their little ones but I'm right up in their with them! This year my buddy Erin (aka Foxy) came with me and it was pretty much fantastic!

Check out this guy's hair!

Introducing Courtney Jo Simpson

So this is really late but oh well!

My sister in law had her baby in February! She's a stinkin' doll but what do you expect? We didn't want Addie to feel left out so Case and I bought her a gift (Case picked it out and he nailed it!)

Puppy love...

I know most of you blog about your darling kids but since I don't have any yet you'll have to put up with my obsession with my dog! Lulu has done a lot of cute things lately. For Christmas, Casey's mom gave her a stuffed dragon. It was her favorite for a while.




I'm back!

Woo who! (Not woot woot...Foxy) It feels good to be back on the straight and narrow. I'm happy to report that we are now the owners of our very own wireless internet. No more stealing from the neighbors. Obviously I've been silent for a while so I have a lot to say! I just changed the layout but it feels like pepto bismol puked all over my screen. I wouldn't mind some input. Do you like it or not? Also for all my fellow bloggers I found a great site that lists a whole bunch of color codes for HTML in case you can't find a color on blogspot that you're looking for... here it is...