Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD favorites!

My friend Veronica and I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance this season. It is uh-mazing! Yesterday we got talking about some of our favorite dances from the past. I thought I'd post them here. You all know how much I love to share!

Season 3 Top 8 group dance

Neil and Sabra Jazz Routine

Pasha and Lacey Hip Hop


Saw this on a friend's blog and felt the need to share it with all of you! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your husband might be a roofer if...

...he gets a huge sliver in his leg which he then proceeds to try and CUT IT OUT by himself with a blade used for cutting shingles. "Don't worry babe, it was a new blade and I rinsed it in hydrogen peroxide..." Um... ok...

So I got to the job site with tweezers in hand. I'm a nurse right? No big deal I'm allllll over it!

He doesn't even give me a chance to get out of the car. He hops in and tells me we are going to meet his boss (Keith). His boss' brother in law is a dermatologist. Apparently he gave Keith a scalpel and a few other supplies to "take care of business". Great, we are going to upgrade from roofing blade to scalpel wielded by an amateur. I'm sure you can all imagine how thrilled I was. "Don't worry babe, I brought super glue to seal it all up!" Great, fabulous. Super glue works wonders on minor cuts. Jagged gouges made by my dear husband in a futile attempt to remove the demon sliver from hell? Not so much.

Casey sure knows my weak points. At about the time I start explaining all the problems with this brilliant plan (infection, bleeding, masochism...) he says, "Hey... you wouldn't want to do it would you?" Oh brother. Yes, I want to do it. Please allow me to wield the scalpel. I'm a professional. Gag.

A little conversation for the trip down Main St... Casey: "So, muscle is REALLY hard to cut through." Oh brother.

For those of you thinking, "Why didn't he just go to the Instacare and claim worker's comp?" I am totally with you. "Because babe, it will cost my boss so much money I'd rather just do it this way."

Bless his boss' heart. We pull up outside his brother's office and Keith ushers us inside. They have an exam room ready and the physician's assistant proceeds to take care of things the proper way. Keith sure knows my hubby well, I'm very glad he tricked him into coming to the doctor's! I could have fainted from relief. But instead I nearly fainted from seeing them work on my hubby. C-Sections? Total knee replacements? Sure! No problem! Bring on the gore! But three inch incision and stitches on my dear Casey? I think I feel a little sick.

This is the hole Casey made on his own. It was taken with my cell phone so the quality's not great but suffice it to say he sure did a real hack job. Bless his heart.

As the P.A is slicing away Casey says in amazement, "Wow! That scalpel sure cuts better than that old blade of mine!" Yep.

This is the little bugger that caused all the trouble. It was pretty deep in there. The P.A had to dig around to get it all out.

This is before stitches. Pretty decent hole huh?

Anyways that was a really long way to get to the point. Casey got 8 stitches (14 if you count the ones under the skin). A prescription for antibiotics and a lecture about refraining from performing minor surgery on himself in the future.

The finished product!

You know I tease Casey about all of this but really I'm glad he gave me a good story to write about! And he's always good to balance me out. I'm the chick in Instacare with the sniffles crying because I think I have Swine Flu!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Thank you Foxy for giving me my stripper name. Trixie Sizzle Spanx. Too legit, too legit to quit.

Bum bum bum bum bum bum...

In case you couldn't tell that's the Rocky theme song. I know right? Pretty much felt like the biggest champ ever this weekend! I finished my first triathlon! "Woot. Woot." (haha)

I'm trying to get pumped for my first taste of GU.

Yep, just as I suspected.

Check out those numbers huh? I felt pretty legit. Brenda pointed out that it's too bad I wasn't the next person in line to sign up. Dang.

I'm off to save Gotham...

Casey came out to support us. It was sooo good to have someone there to cheer us on! He wanted to do it but decided it the week before. He hadn't trained at all and I thought it would be a good thing if he didn't drown. He's going to do the Bear Lake Brawl with me in September though!

Haha, mount... ha

Water was 60 degrees... that'll wake you up.

We're off!

The first transition...

What a dork! The is the last stretch! I'm like 50 feet from the finish line. The announcer had all the names so when I got there she said, "Here comes Karen." And everyone cheered. Pretty much amazing.

I was pretty much on a high at this point. Giddy would be a great word to describe it. So freaking fun! Can't wait for the next one! Who's with me? (Foxy...)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I did it!

Just a quick update, today was my first triathlon! I did it! It went great and now I'm officially a triathlete! More to come...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best song ever!

This is on the music video DVD at American Eagle and I basically love it. The video makes the song for me. Hope you guys like it... it's a little... um... "out there". It's altogether awkward and even a little bit creepy. Enjoy!

P.S The song is called "Ready for the Floor" by Hot Chip

It's that time again!

Yep, it's time for The Bachelorette! The time when I get totally sucked into to someone's ludicrous quest for true love! Those of you who have been watching please comment your opinions!

So last night my absolute favorite went home, Ed. Poor guy! His boss was going to can him if he stayed. Sweet little "Jilly" was way worked up. Who wouldn't be? The guy was uh-mazing! But she was way hard on him. Like, "if you get another chance at true love don't let work get in the way." Wow, wow, wow! Hold the phone Canada Dry! There are still what, like 10 other guys still around! Many of whom she's been saying the same things too. "We have such a connection... blah, blah, blah." The guy would have a 1 in 8 shot at true love! Can't say I blame him with sticking with the sure thing. Who knows how many years he's put into his career. And let's get real, how often does the Bachelor/Bachelorette turn into something that "lasts forever"?

For all you fellow Grey's lovers, does he look like Denny or what? Holy cow!

P.S so disappointed that she kept around King D.B Wes! Gag me! Did you notice the " I'm not here to promote my CD, but here I am again talking about my CD!" plug that he pulled during snowmobiling?! Ew, I dislike him strongly.

Doesn't he just have D.B written all over him? Sick.

P.P.S Jilly dear, please send Tanner home. He is a whiney tattle tail that is more focused on the other guys than you. And that nasty shiny black blazer he wears is DISGUSTING! Please Jill, you have much better taste than that I am sure!

My favorite part of last night was the sneak peek for next week's episode! Oh man if you didn't catch it, here it is!

Ahhhh!! Pig! Again, gag me and ew, I dislike him strongly!

This didn't show the preview that was on last night. Last nights, also showed a peek into the "fantasy suites" part of the season. Skank-opolis as I like to call it. I may be super naive but I always thought for sure these people aren't doing the dirty. Some serious hanky panky, sure. But the full on humpty dance? No way. They have to realize their little dream gal/guy is also having two other fantasy suite dates too. Surely people aren't that ridiculous. Oh but they are! Cause next week it would seem that someone can't ahem "perform" during their fantasy suite moment of triumph... gasp! Drama!

Anyways, that was a ridiculously long post about someone else's love life. I think I need to find a real job. This was a fairly negative blog and I like to end things on a positive note! How darling is Michael? Oh my gosh. Yes he's a bit "outlandish". But he's such a sweetheart and I love how into Jillian he is! What a keeper! Plus, hello! Break dance instructor? A guy that can move? Please.

Monday, June 15, 2009

So You Think You're Obsessed?

I love dancing! I am so sad that my parents didn't put me in dance lessons when I was younger. To get as good as these guys you have to have a lot of practice under your belt! I am going to sign up for a dance class this summer though so that should be fun. Anyways, back to the point. I love love love So You Think You Can Dance! Last week was the start of the Top 20 routines! I was blown away by this dance. It was incredible! I loved the girl's facial expressions! And this song is awesome too! Hope you like it as much as I did!

Friday, June 12, 2009

People are effin nuts...

More to come... just had to put that out there though!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I hugged a tree, I hugged myself

Once I tried to recycle. I bought a little tupperware bin. I washed out our jars and broke down our cardboard boxes. The bin got full real fast. And then the floor around the bin got full real fast. And then my husband said if you don't take this to the recycling bin tonight I'm throwing it all in the trash tomorrow. Seems fair since the bin had been filling up for two weeks with no reprieve. So guess what happened. My recycling collection found its way to the dumpster. Don't judge me. The recycling dumpster thingy is like a whole parking lot over! It was winter and oh so cold for a walk! And that dang bin was just to dah small! It filled up like in a day! So we quickly returned to our previous tree killing, environment ruining, little critter home destroying state.

Until yesterday!

For the past year I have been noticing how much paper educational institutions waste. My nursing program has a full binder for each class (9 in all) and there are chuck full of one sided notes. Like I can't write my own I need them to copy 20 copies for everyone in the class. Seriously? So now that school is over I emptied the binders, removed staples, and even cut open the binders themselves to retrieve the cardboard in the cover! Yes! So much to recycle! It's summer now so that little walk to the other parking lot is far less daunting. I was so proud of myself!

Some people don't know when to quit!

As if the buzz was not enough.

Casey: "You know the only thing I've never done with my hair is bic it."
Karen: "Oh no. Sick."
Casey (at midnight mind you): "Lets go get a razor!"
About 20 min later...

To summarize, my husband looks like Edward Norton from American History X. I'm afraid he's gonna get shot. Don't worry too much though, the brotherhood will protect him. Sick sick sick. One thing I've learned about my husband is that he learns much better from his own mistakes rather than me telling him what to do. Hence the hair... or lack thereof. Thank goodness it will grow back in a week! He's giving Britney a run for her money!

Wordless Wednesday

Should I even keep calling it that? Cause it never really is wordless for me!

This is just a tribute...

It seems the theme of my life the past little while has been awkwardness. Uncomfortable. Here is a tribute to that, in pictures! Yes!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have a secret that I can't tell you!

If we were all the same life would be pretty boring... but some people should try to be a little more like the other humans...

One draw back to having a public blog is that you can't say whatever you want whenever you want to. For example, when someone you know says something totally ridiculous you can't post it and laugh and mock it very well without them or someone else reading it.

I have owned up to the fact that I am totally awkward and even inappropriate but some people are just incredible!

To be honest I'm not sure what else to say from here. If I could tell you the story though I'd sure have a lot to say!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'll tell you what's awkward!

Awkward is working a graveyard shift at a nursing home and you're only other coworker all night is a 40 something male nurse who just loves to chat! What's even more awkward is when you guys are flipping through the channels on late night television and you come across the home shopping network for sex toys and there's a huge dildo on the screen! Ahem... awkward.

Awkward is when you let your dog out in the morning wearing nothing but a booty short robe because you just got out of the shower. Awkward is when the comcast guy walks by on the way to your neighbors house and you're naughty little weiner dog goes bizurk! Awkward is when you are standing there in your booty short robe screaming at your dog to "come here" in your most dog dominant mean voice you can muster while she ignores you and you can't go out and get her without flashing the world. Meanwhile cable guy is laughing at you. Sweet.

My psychotic rabid dog.

The psychotic rabid cable guy.

For Brenda

Can I please write a few more posts directed specifically to one person? Oh well deal with it!

Here's those cardigans. They are on the AE website under clearance and then hoodies and sweaters. I think they are really cute and a lot of gals out here wear them over tanks. Here are the colors I plan on ordering.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quote of the week...

Coworker "X" (so as not to implicate anyone in particular) over the headset walkie talkie dealio: "Um... I don't mean this rude but the chick that just walked in looks like a meth addict."

Me: "Umm... yeah I can see how that might not come off as rude... sure."


You know what? I can be a real bonehead sometimes.

Wives spend a lot of time complaining about their husbands. We're just as crazy and ridiculous though.

Sometimes I think Casey might be better off with someone like this:

Some great cartoons that illustrate my point quite nicely I think.