Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You know you're in trouble when...

The person you're talking to at the restaurant hasn't even heard of the item you're allergic to. For the most part Casey and I can eat out anywhere. However if it's a new place we want to try I call ahead to find out if they are aware of what menu items have gluten in them. This was one such experience:

"Thank you for calling 'such and such' how can we help you?" (She's yelling at me and it sounds bumping in the background.)

"Yes I was wondering if you had any items on your menu that are gluten-free?"

........long silence.........

"Ummmmm..... do you mean gelatin?" (Patronizing tone)

"Oh, no it's glluuu-ten. Gluten. Like wheat?"

"Hmm... Yeah I think we have some stuff you can have."

"Well I'm allergic so maybe you could ask someone that would know for sure?"

"Well ::scoffs:: I know we have a lot of pasta dishes."

"Ok, is it gluten-free pasta?"

"it's just regular pasta."

Big sigh... "Ok thanks."


(For those of you who don't know pasta is made from wheat.)


Sierra said...

Ha ha ha this is sad, but people are freaking idiots!!! I'm sorry

Leigh said...

Nice. When did you find out you are allergic to gluten? What were your symptoms? Just curious, you know.